Introducing the
Next Evolution in
Wheel Technology!

eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheels deliver attractive, highly engineered composite wheels that decrease weight and optimize aerodynamics for increased vehicle MPGs*.

We've taken a very different approach to wheel construction with eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheels. First, a high-performance backbone is optimized for handling, weight, strength and safety. Next, a design surface is created with one of the many proven metal finishes unique to Lacks Enterprises. Our proprietary process then combines these to create an extraordinarily strong yet lightweight, metal composite wheel that offers the ultimate in design flexibility and fuel efficiency.

Only Lacks has this patented, proprietary composite wheel technology. With eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheels, you simultaneously upgrade your vehicle’s style and MPGs*.


The Design Leader

  • Wheel-CFD™ = Ultimate in Construction+Finish+Design
  • Premium Finish Range

Maximizing Fuel Efficiency

  • Lightweight
  • Aerodynamic

A Revenue Generator

  • Business Case Proven Technology
  • Reinforces Commitment to Fuel Economy Leadership


What is the eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheel?







Hybrid composite wheel technology fuses
a structural cast or forged aluminum backbone optimized to ensure the…

  • Lightest weight (design weight is removed)
  • Wheel stiffness

Coupled with a lightweight hybrid
composite to…

  • Improve fuel economy 1.1 mpg highway*
  • Improve vehicle aerodynamic Cd 9 counts*
  • Enable design leadership
  • Provide unmatched finish capability

The result?

Increased fuel efficiency and style your customers demand, built by a trusted technology leader in the industry.









The eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheel —
Fuel Efficiency by Design™

















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